Indiana is a beautiful, versatile, well-organized, and economically developed state. The residents of the state also known as Hoosiers, are warm and welcoming people, who appreciate the sense of community, heritage and hard work. If you decide to visit IN, you will find many museums, historical locations, war memorials, state parks, campgrounds, fairs and natural resources. What follows is a more detailed approach to some of the most important Indiana cultural commissions and natural resources departments.

Indiana Historical Commission

The Indiana Historical Commission was founded in 1915 as a means to plan the celebration of Indiana’s statehood in 1916. Afterwards, the Indiana Historical Commission became the Indiana Historical Bureau, which is what it is known today. The initial IHC was founded by a group of volunteers who organized the entire centennial celebration for Indiana’s statehood. The Comission has also  produced a short motion picture about Indiana, thus setting the base for appreciation of the state’s history.

Indiana Arts Commission

The Indiana Arts Commission was formed to promote the arts and its significance to the people of the state. The Arts Commission also aims at encouraging artistic expression of all kinds by creating and developing creative opportunities residents can fully relish and enjoy.. Through these activities, one of the main focuses of the IAC is to create awareness of the arts, as well as to recognize the cultural impact they have on the state and the nation in general. The IAC has 15 gubernatorial appointments who decide on the goals, strategies, goals and mission for the future of arts.

Statehouse Tour Office

The Indiana Statehouse Tour Office is the home of the Indiana State Government. As a historical establishment built in 1888,  it is made up of the Indiana Supreme Court, the Indiana State Senate, the Indiana House of Representatives, the Senate Chambers, the House Chambers and more. The building reflects exquisite 19th century architecture and has been the center of civic life in Indiana for more than 100 years.

Department of Natural Resources

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is on a mission to preserve, protect and improve the cultural and natural resources of the state,  with great care and attention. There are many divisions within the IN DNR, entailing everything from wildlife, state forests, parks and trails, to lakes, historical sites and places for recreation. Some of these places to visit  consist of many wildlife areas that offer both fishing and hunting opportunities. Visitors can also venture to state forests where they can enjoy  camping, hiking, biking, swimming, or spend the day by the beach. These areas also offer rentable cabins, houses and lodges for visitorswho would like to expand their stay and bask in the natural beauty of Indiana. There are also many trails in specifically made for hiking, bicycling and horseback riding alongoff-road trails, canoeing trails, and even snowmobile trails. Trail locations, as well as lakes and parks locations, are available online on the official Indiana government website. There are also many outdoor events in the state like fairs, fall festivals, educational activities and more. is privately owned and is neither operated by, nor affiliated with, any government agency.