The state of Indiana has various government agencies that cover many fields and areas designated to help and improve the lives of residents. The government’s work is directed towards the well-being of the people, its communities, properties, safety and more. . Listed below are some of the main Indiana government institutions and their responsibilities.

Indiana State Board of Accounts

The Indiana State Board of Accounts (SBOA) is responsible for providing financial accountability of the local government and the state to the citizens of Indiana. The IN SBOA offers professional, high quality services in the fields of auditing and examination of financial activities and accounts of public officers, state institutions, state offices, entities that receive public financial means and more. The SBOA sometimes performs these duties through a private examiner in institutions such as schools, hospitals, housing authorities, non-governmental institutions that receive governmental assistance, universities, state agencies and more.

Indiana Court System

The Indiana Court System is divided into several branches, each with its own mission, goals and activities:

Supreme Court – This court covers a variety of cases such as reviewing decisions made by the Indiana Tax Court or the Indiana Court of Appeals, criminal appeals, property rights, freedom of individuals, criminal evidence and other public rights originating in common law.

Court of Appeal – This court is considered the second-highest in IN with its role of accepting and reviewing appeals. It does not, however, accept appeals for death penalty cases, appeals directly sent to the Supreme Court, or taxation cases (which are intended for the Indiana Tax Court).

Tax Court – This court handles taxation cases under the Indiana tax laws.

Trial Courts – These courts hear criminal or civil cases and are courts of general jurisdiction, subdivided into circuit courts, superior courts and city/town courts.

Government Commissions for Indiana Residents

The state of Indiana cares for its residents and is devoted to helping people from all backgrounds. As a result, IN  has formed several government commissions to address its residents’ various concerns. These commissions include the following:

  • The Indiana Native American Indian Affairs Commission (INAIAC), to promote and improve cultural, economic, social and community development of Native Americans in the state.
  • The Indiana Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs (ICHLA), to provide and promote educational, social, economic and other opportunities for the Hispanic/Latino community in the state.
  • The State Employees’ Appeals Commission (SEAC), to handle appeals from Indiana employees
  • Commission on Improving the Status of Children (CISC), to improve the status of IN children by aiming to provide a safe, healthy and productive environment for children to grow and develop.
  • The Indiana Commission on the Social Status of Black Males (ICSSBM), to improve the life, social status, health, education, employment and other issues concerning black males and their influence on their families and communities.
  • The Government Commission for Women, to focus on encouraging women to be active participants in all areas of society, to recognize opportunities, become leaders, start businesses, educate themselves and generally improve their lives. is privately owned and is neither operated by, nor affiliated with, any government agency.