Indiana DMV Services

Indiana DMV Drivers License Services

The privilege to drive in Indiana is an exciting time! Once you reach the age  of 15, you will be able to begin taking the steps on the road to your drivers license. First, you will need to take the steps to get a learners permit at the BMV, followed by a probationary driver license, which will ultimately result in your acquirement of a full-use driving license. As the holder of a driver license, you will also be responsible for renewing a driver license at the BMV as expiration nears. If your DMV license is lost or stolen, you can apply for a replacement drivers license online or in person at a BMV location. In order to request a DMV name  change you must plan to file with the BMV in person; however, a DMV address change can be facilitated online, for your convenience. Note that if you choose not to drive, it is still important to obtain an ID card at your local BMV office for different proof of identity purposes.

Indiana DMV Vehicle Registration Services

After you have obtained a license to drive in Indiana, the next step to driving is getting a vehicle registration. If you plan to buy a vehicle at a local dealership, chances are, the car registration issuance is handled on your behalf. However, when purchasing a used vehicle, you may be required to visit a local BMV to finalize auto registration.  If your car registration is set to expire, expect a notification from the Indiana DMV reminding you to renew vehicle registrations online or in person. If your vehicle records are lost or stolen, begin the car registration replacement procedure as soon as possible. To file a car registration address change or a vehicle registration name change, do so within 30 days of the modification.

Indiana DMV Car Title Services

In order to claim legal ownership of a vehicle in Indiana, you must have a valid car title in support. If you need to obtain a car title for a newly purchased vehicle, or need to file a car title transfer, you can do so at the BMV, so long as you have required documents. Requested car title paperwork may include: a completed Application for Certificate of Title, an Odometer Disclosure Statement, proof of vehicle inspection, proof of identity and proof of residence. If you have misplaced your Indiana car title, you can apply for a replacement car title, or a speed title (which can be overnighted at your request). Furthermore, to update your vehicle title with a name change or change of address, have proof of identity and proof of residency handy when you visit the BMV. is privately owned and is neither operated by, nor affiliated with, any government agency.