Car Title

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) is the state agency responsible for car title transfers and registration, as well as for issuing car title replacements and duplicates.

New Car Title

As is in all states, Indiana also requires drivers to obtain a car title if they own a vehicle. A title for car serves as proof of ownership, and along with proper vehicle registration, it allows a resident to operate a motor vehicle on roadways and highways. When obtaining a DMV car title, there are a few things you need to be mindful of, including: How to get car title How to get a car title replacement How to add or remove ...

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Salvage or Abandoned Cars

In Indiana, a vehicle is defined as abandoned if it was left on a public property in such a manner as to constitute a hazard or obstruction to the movement of vehicles and pedestrians on a public road. Moreover, a car can also be declared abandoned if it has been removed by a towing service upon an officer’s request and was not claimed or redeemed by the owner within 15 days of its removal. On the other hand, motor vehicles damaged by ...

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Replace Lost or Stolen Car Title

Losing vital DMV documents, such as a car title, is quite a nuisance that is sure to affect your everyday routine with an unscheduled stop at your local BMV office. To avoid this, you can choose to order a duplicate car tile through other methods that may be at your disposal. The state of Indiana allows its residents to replace their lost, stolen or damaged car titles in a number of different ways, while taking in to consideration the following: The documents

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Change Name on Car Title

Whether you change your name due to marriage, divorce, professional reasons or something else, you will need to submit this new information to the state’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) in order to your DMV documents, including your car title.   However, it is important to note that to complete a car title name change in Indiana, you will first be required to update your name with the Social Security Administration (SSA). Name changing on your car title consists of various steps that ...

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Car Title Transfer

Each time you buy a new or used vehicle in Indiana, you or the salesperson must complete a car title transfer with the state’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) within 31 days of making the purchase. Likewise, you will also be required to complete a transfer of title if you received a vehicle with an Indiana title as a gift. Note that the requirements for completing a car title transfer in IN will vary, depending on these factors: If you arebuying a vehicle

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Car Title Address Change

If you have moved to Indiana, or have changed residency within the state, then you will need to update your legal and mailing address with the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) within 30 days of moving, as well as change this information accordingly on your car title. The steps to change the address on your car title will require you to be mindful of the following: Update your address with the USPS Update your address with the IN BMV Note: You will first ...

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