Renewing Your Indiana Driver License

To give you plenty of time, the IN BMV allows license holders to begin the drivers license renewal process up to a year before their license to drive expires. It is important to note the following information as you prepare to obtain a renewed drivers license in Indiana:

  • How to renew drivers licenses online
  • How to renew a driving license in person
  • How to renew your license to drive if you are out-of-state

How to Renew Drivers Licenses Online

In order to renew drivers licenses online, the IN BMV will require you to have some essential information readily available:  your Social Security Number, your name, your date of birth and your residential address. If you do not have an online account with the DMV, you will need to create one with a username and password.

For you to complete the steps of online renewal, you must first meet the following criteria:

  • You are less than 75 years of age.
  • Your last renewal was conducted in person.
  • You have a regular driving license or a chauffeur’s driving license.
  • You have a valid license to drive or it has not been expired for more than 180 days.
  • You do not have a suspended driving license.
  • You do not need to change your residential address or name.
  • You are a citizen of the country.

How to Renew Drivers Licenses in Person

Your driving license will expire on your birthday, therefore it is important to renew it before this date. If your license has been expired for less than 180 days, you will be required to pay a $5 late fee and take another vision screening test.

To renew licenses at a BMV branch, bring the following items with you:

  • Proof of your identity, such as your U.S. birth certificate or your U.S. passport
  • Proof of your lawful presence, such as a permanent resident card or your U.S. passport
  • Proof of your Social Security Number, such as your Social Security card of W-2 form
  • Two proofs of residence in Indiana, such as a utility bill or a financial statement from your bank

You may not present photocopies of any aforementioned documents to a BMV agent, as these items will be turned away. If you are 75 years of age or older, you must complete the license to drive renewal process at a physical location.

How to Renew Drivers Licenses If You Are Out of State

Drivers who need to file a request to renew their license while outside of Indiana can do so in one of two ways: applying for a 30-day extension from the expiration date on your license or renewing online. For a 30-day extension, you must fill out a Request for Interim/Extension form that can be obtained from the IN Bureau of Motor Vehicles website.

Note: Military members are automatically granted a driving license extension for up to 90 days after their discharge. You can also apply for a license renewal online, or request a Military Extension Letter if your license expires while you are away from Indiana. is privately owned and is neither operated by, nor affiliated with, any government agency.