Replace Car Registration

It is crucial to keep your car registration on hand. Unfortunately, however, these documents, as well as your license plates, can sometimes get stolen, lost, damaged or altered in some other way.

Thankfully, if you ever find yourself in any of these lost car registration or stolen car registration situations, the IN BMV will make it easy for you to replace either of the following:

  • Your vehicle registration certificate
  • Your vehicle license plates

How to Replace Car Registration Certificate

If you had your registration certificate stolen or lost, to avoid paying penalties and late fees and spare yourself additional consequences, you will need to apply for a duplicate car registration certificate, issued by the IN BMV. To get your replacement certificate, you can choose one of these two methods to complete the process:

  • Replacing car registration in person
  • Replacing car registration online

If you would like to complete the process in person, make sure you schedule an appointment at  your local BMV office in advance. In order to avoid any delays, bring along the necessary documents, which include:

  • Your state ID card or a driver’s license.
  • Your license plate number or Vehicle Identification Nmber (VIN).
  • Your filled out replacement form (you can find it at the BMV office).
  • Payment for the $6.25 fee.

However, the far easiest way to get  a car registration copy is online. Begin by visiting the official BMV website, fill out the online form with your personal, as well asvehicle information and pay the necessart fee using a credit card or a debit card. Once you have completed these steps, you can then print your vehicle registration replacement card.

Note: If your registration card or license plates were recently renewed, but you have not received these new items in the mail, you will need to contact a BMV office nearby for further information about its status.

How to Replace License Plates

Driving without license plates or registration stickers, or driving with damaged plates and stickers could potentially get you in trouble. In the state of Indiana, it is mandatory to drive with fully functional license plates, as well asregistration stickers placed on your vehicle. If yours was lost or damaged, you will have to request duplicate license plates or registration stickers as soon as possible. The only way to replace lost car registration or damaged car registration is in person, at the BMV office closest to you. There, you will be asked to complete a form, containing the following information:

  • Your name
  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), along with the make, model, year, type and color of your car
  • Your residential and mailing addresses

You will also need to note the following:

  • Specify whether the plates were stolen, lost, damaged or destroyed.
  • Specify whether you would like duplicate license plates (same number) or replacement plates (new number).
  • If you had your plates stolen, the top section of the form should be completed by a law enforcement officer.

Additionally, you will be requested to pay a $10.25 fee for the replaced license plates or registration stickers. is privately owned and is neither operated by, nor affiliated with, any government agency.