New Car Registration

After that, the second requirement that you must is get is an Indiana car registration. And, this qualification is just as important. Any vehicle that is operated on the road within the state of Indiana must be registered. Note that the process to obtain DMV car registration documents is simple. All you need to do is take a look at the sections below for more information.

Register a Car Online

As long as the car you have purchased was bought in the last 45 days, and you submitted the application for car title to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, you will be able to register car credentials online. All you need to do is become familiar with the process below in order to perform the steps without experiencing any problems:

  1. Visit the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles website and make your way to the “register car online” portal.
  2. Provide all of the necessary information to the BMV portal, including:
    • Your Indiana driving license number
    • Your credit card number for the fees
    • Your Indiana car title information
  3. Pay the applicable fee for your specific type of vehicle registration.

Once you have completed all the steps listed above, you will receive your new auto registration in the mail.

Get Car Registration in Person

Your second option for registering car credentials when you obtain a new vehicle is to go in person to an Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles office. In fact, if you bought your car more than 45 days ago, then your only option is to go in person. In any case, to complete this process at a BMV office, you must provide all of the following information:

  • Your Indiana driver license
  • The original auto title of the vehicle that you purchased
    • Drivers who have not yet gotten a title in their name will have to submit added paperwork for title transfers.
  • Proof of car insurance within the state of Indiana

Once all of the above items have been provided to the state’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles office, then you must complete the last step of the process, which is to pay for all of the applicable DMV vehicle registration fees and taxes.

Indiana Car Registration Fees

The last thing to keep in mind when you go to register car credentials in Indiana concerns fees. As mentioned above, you will have to pay a certain price in order to register a car online or in person. However, it is important to note that there is not one fixed fee for all vehicles within the state. Fees will vary based on the type of the vehicle (standard passenger car, pickup truck, etc.) and weight. is privately owned and is neither operated by, nor affiliated with, any government agency.