Opening and running a business in Indiana is an easy and rather simple process, especially because the state offers many benefits and useful features for business owners and employers. Additionally, through the Indiana Department of Labor (DOL), workers and employers can become informed about state labor laws, workplace safety and  employmenthealth practices.Employers and employees alike can also benefit from the trainings, educational resources and other useful materials provided by the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration (IOSHA). The Indiana Department of Administration (IDOA), on the other hand, offers services for veteran-owned businesses, minorities, women and other entities in need of business assistance.

Department of Labor

The Department of Labor in the state of Indiana is dedicated to improving the health, safety and prosperity of all working residents. The department provides assistancefor many services, including state wage and hour, laws regarding child labor, coal mine safety, as well as details about  the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration (IOSHA) program. For example, the goal of the IOSHA is to reduce workplace hazards,  minor and major injuries, illnesses and more by bringing awareness to these issues, and seeking solutions for  how employers and employees can  protect themselves accordingly. Additionally, you can apply for many educational materials and training resources that are publicly available. These are handled by the IN DOL INSafe division, which provides workplace health and safety services for trade organizations, labor unions, employees and employers, professional groups and other assemblies. Such services include:

  • Trainings.
  • Consultations.
  • Educational resources and publications.
  • Seminars.
  • Health and safety programs and more.

The INSafe services for businesses and workers are free of charge.

Department of Administration

The Indiana Department of Administration (IDOA) is the go-to place for many services intended for other state agencies to ensure proper and quality functioning of institutions and the state government as a whole. Services include property disposition, vehicle fleet, state travel, state purchasing, assistance for minorities and women, as well as help for veteran businesses that are considering contracting possibilities in IN.

Basic Requirements for Starting a Business

The basic requirements for starting a new business in Indiana are:

  • Establishing a business structure.
  • Establishing a tax account.
  • Complying with additional employer responsibilities.

With thathat being said, there is no single, universal business license in Indiana. Instead, the basic criteria for starting a business are determined by different agencies; thus, companies acquire  permits according to their type of business entity. New agencies, companies that hire workers for the first time, expanding  corporations or businesses that have made changes in their organization or ownership are all subject to specific requirements. If you would like to obtain more detailed information on the requirements for a certain type of business, you can do so by calling the State Information Center at 317-233-0800, 800-45- STATE.

Additionally, giving your business a name in Indiana will require you to register an original name, different from other businesses listed in the Secretary of State records. For business names of corporations, L.P.s, L.L.C.s, and L.L.P.s,the same rule applies. Finally, every business in Indiana must establish a tax account with an Employer Identification Number (EIN),. The EIN is used for the tax accounts of companies, employers, partnerships, corporations, L.L.C.s, trusts and other business entities. It is also used for establishing retirement plans, employment taxes and more. Each business  is issued one unique EIN, which can be obtained by filling out the Form SS-4 and then mailing it to the IRS for a review. is privately owned and is neither operated by, nor affiliated with, any government agency.